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A Bill too far - review of the passing of the abortion act  (May 1999)

Abortion and the Catholic Doctor:  Advice and ideas on how to follow the Church's teaching (May 1995)

Abortion as risk factor for breast cancer (Feb 2006)

Abortion - Choose Life Poll Analysis - Public poll of attitudes to abortion (Aug 2006)

Abortion conscience clause - Exchange of letters with Chief Medical Officer (May 1996)

Abortion - Consensus on Abortion. (Aug 2006)

Abortion debate - letters page (Aug 2006)

Abortion and Mental Health (pdf) Submission to Royal College of Psychiatrists - June 2011

Acts and Omissions At the End of Life (May 2006)

Advance Directive - A Christian Advance Declaration (pdf printable form) (1998)

Advance Directive - A Christian Advance Declaration (html text) (1998)

Advance Directives - comment on BMA proposed guidelines (Oct 1994)

Advanced Directives: How and when they may be invalid

Advance Directives or Living Wills - a book on the topic

After Dolly (May 2001)

Ageing, Health and Society (Nov 1998)

AIDS in Africa - The Catholic Response (Aug 2007)

A Lost Grandeur - Chemist and Emergency contraception (Feb 1999)

Alive and Kicking Campaign - Coalition of groups in defence of unborn. (May 2006)

'Allowed to die' game (Feb 2006)

Alternatives to vaccines made from aborted babies (Nov 1999)

An Alternative Route - Editorial on attitude to religion & state of bioethics. (May 2005)

Anatomical, physiological and historical aspects of the crucifixion and death of Jesus (Aug 2004)

Annual Abortion Scores (Nov 2000)

Antenatal Screening - comments to Human Genetics Commission (Sept 2000)

Antenatal Screening - Form to register wish not to be screened

Are Catholic doctors tragic optimists? (Aug 2000)

Assisted Dying for the Terminally Ill Bill - Editorial comment on Lord Joffe's assisted suicide bill, 2004

Assisted Dying for the Terminally Ill Bill - Submission on Lord Joffe's assisted suicide bill, 2004

Assisted Dying for the Terminally Ill Bill - Summary of BMA views, 2004

Assisted Dying - A speech given in November 2010 - Lord Alton of Liverpool (Aug 2011)

Assisted Suicide and the Distinction Between Killing and Letting Die (May 1992)

Assisted suicide - Press release about Diane Pretty judicial review (Sept 2001)

Assisted suicide - Judgement on Diane Pretty judicial review (Oct 2001)

Avoiding assisting with vasectomies (Nov 2011)

Autonomy, dignity and euthanasia - talk given to Guild Branch (Nov 2006)

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Babies made for heaven: supporting parents who miscarry (May 2012)

Background and Consequences of Reproductive Revolution (May 2012)

Blessed Gianna Molla (May 2012)

Bolitho V. City and Hackney Health Authority

BMA Annual Meeting 2007

BMA's ethical guidance 'muddle'

BMA Rejects Physician Assisted Suicide

Book Review - Abortion and Martrydom

Book Review - Catholic Bioethics and the Gift of Life

Book Review - Catholic Ethicists on HIV/AIDS prevention

Book Review - Education for Love

Book Review - Health Care Allocation: an ethical frame work for public policy

Book Review - An Intelligent Person's Guide to Religion

Book Review - Looking for Answers

Book Review - The Social Agenda of the Catholic Church

Book Review - The Soul of the Embryo

Brain Death: Is it a mirage?

Brain Stem Death and Organ Transplantation (May 2012)

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CAFOD and Condoms

Can doctors be saints? (Nov 2011)

Can drug abusers make good mothers? (Aug 2011)

Can there be a moral dialogue between Doctor and Patient?

Cardinal Winning's letter to BMA Ethics committee

Case against genetic perfection (Aug 2011)

Case of treatment withdrawal (Aug 2011)

Catholic Doctor - booklet to help young Catholic Doctors

Catholic Teacher of Medicine Part 2 - Cardinal Barragan

Centrality of Person in Prevention and Treatment of HIV (May 2012)

Challenge to the legality of supplying the Morning after Pill without prescription

Children with Down's Syndrome: A South African Perspective

Choose Life Poll Analysis - Public poll of attitudes to abortion

Christianity: An Introduction to the Catholic Faith

Cloning - comment on government recommendations

Cloning - submission to Chief Medical Officers expert working party

Cloning - Submission to House of Lords Select Committee

Cloning Damages Mitochondrial Genes

Cloning Issues in Reproduction, Science and Medicine - Submission to HGAC

Consensus on Euthanasia?

Conjoined twins - View on the High Court judgement relating to the Manchester conjoined twins

Conjoined twins - Press release No 1

Conjoined twins - Press release No 2

Conjoined twins - Press release No 3

Conjoined twins - Submission to the Court of Appeal by the Archbishop of Westminster

Conscientious objection - A Medical Student's Dilemma

Consent for Caesarean Section: Part 1 - development of the law

Consent for Caesarean Section: Part 2 - autonomy, capacity, best interests

Consent in Clinical Trials - submission to Medicine Controls Agency

Consent in Criminal law - submission to Law Commission Paper 139

Consumer's Guide to the Pill and other Drugs

Contraception and the Catholic GP trainee and partner in a Group Practice

Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine - Submission to Dept of Health

Co-operation in Evil: the Problem in General Medical Practice

Costs and Benefits of Hospice Care

Cradle of the womb: take care who peeps in - Antenatal ultrasound

Crucifixion and death of Jesus

Culture of Death

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Danger of Assisted Suicide

Dead or Alive?

Decision making at the end of life

Declaration of Geneva 1948 - Medical Code of Ethics

Depression is a 'Spiritual Trial' - Report on Conference

Diane Pretty - Press release about judicial review

Diane Pretty - Judgement on assisted suicide judicial review

Dilemmas in Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis - Report on Student Ethics Group meeting

Doctors on Death Row

Does Illness Stop Us Praying?

Do I have a duty to arrange for my parents to receive communion and sacraments for the dying (Aug 2011)

Donated eggs - Submission to HFEA consultation

Down with Condoms

Do we need a Catholic Hospital - comment in context of current medical practice

Duty to dies, licence to kill, where next - editorial comment

Dying - Prayers for the dying

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Embryo - 'The Soul of the Embryo' - Book review

Embryo - Human Tissue and Embryo Bill - Submission

Embryology Act - Review - Submission to Dept of Health

Emergency Contraception - Submission to Medicine Controls Agency

End of Life - Acts and Omissions

Ethical Decision-Making in Palliative Care: Artificial hydration for terminally ill

Ethics of Xenotransplantation - response to Dept of Health Advisory Group

Embryo Stem Cell Debate

Ethical issues raised by stem cell research

Euthanasia - Submission to House of Lords committee on Medical Ethics

Euthanasia - Submission to Royal Colleges Working Party on Euthanasia

Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide - result of survey of doctors

Euthanasia and Palliative Care: submission to Palliative Care Council (May 2012)

Euthanasia and the Government's proposals on Mental Incapacity

Euthanasia, Autonomy and dignity - talk given to Guild Branch

Euthanasia by Stealth

Euthanasia - What it is and what it is not. - written by a professor of palliative care.

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Faith Among the Doctors of Today

First Do No Harm

Fish on Friday - Good for Health? (Aug 2011)

Fraud of the Century? - Kinsey's sex revolution

Forgotten Continent

Friday Fax - Aids debate, condoms & abstinence

Fundamental Questions

Future of Obstetrics and Gynaecology: right to be trained according to conscience

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General Medical Council and the Guild

General Medical Practice: the Problem of Co-operation in Evil

Genes & the Mind - Response to Medical Research Council

God's Word: The Last Word in Moral Theology?

Grounds for abortion - a legal opinion

Guild by any other name?

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Has Molecular Eugenics Arrived?

Health care - serving human life: Reflections on Evangelium Vitae

Helsinki Declaration - Text of World Medical Association principles of Human Research

Hippocrates: Where are you when we need you?

Hippocratic Oath: Its contents and the limits to its adaptation

Hippocratic Oath II: modern adaptations

Hippocratic oath - Text of the famous oath

HIV / AIDS: The Global Perspective

Homosexuality and Psychiatry

Homosexual Unions - Legislation or Tolerance

Homosexual Marriages - impossibility of

Hospital Chaplain's Story

House of Lords Reform - Submission to Royal Commission

How can I tell if the Liverpool Pathway is right to use? (Aug 2011)

How May Doctors Get It Wrong?

Human Cloning; Scientific Aspects and World Faiths Perspective

Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act Review - Submission to Dept of Health

Human Rights Convention and Biomedicine - Submission to Dept of Health

Human Tissue and Embryo Bill - Submission

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Impossibility of Same Sex Marriages

Incapable Adults - Submission to Scottish Law Commission paper 151

Incapable Adult, Managing their Finances and Welfare - Submission to Scottish Office

Individual Agony of Terrorism and the Balm of Music - Jonathan Sacks

Induced Abortion and Mental Health (pdf) Submission to Royal College of Psychiatrists - June 2011

Induced abortion and mental health; a systematic review of the mental health impact of induced abortion; CMA(UK) submission to the Royal College Of Psychiatrists Working Group. (Nov 2011)

Induced abortion as risk factor for breast cancer

Induced Abortion: a response to RCOG "The care of women requesting induced abortion (Aug 2011)

Informed consent: Implications for abortion debate

Informed Consent: Between Ethics and Law

Informed Consent in Medical Training: Myth or Reality?

Intelligent Person's Guide to Religion: Book review of John Haldane's Book

Is Evil Necessary?

Is the Law as Ass?

Is There a Catholic Medical Ethic?

Ivan Illich's view of medical dominance and history of medicine since Greek times?

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Jerome Lejeune, A Doctor for all Seasons (Aug 2011)

John Paul II - a reflection of his life by the President of FIAMC

Jubilee Symposium - Glasgow, May 2000 - Genetic Revolution: Bright New Dawn or Brave New World?

Judgement Approves Mercy Killing

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Kenya: A Country of Graves - report on Aids in Kenya

Kinsey, Sex and Fraud

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Legal Aspects of Human Cloning

Legal right not to participate in abortions (Nov 2008)

Legislation or Tolerance - Editorial on Homosexual Unions

Letter from America - A Chronicle of Euthanasia trends in America

Letter From America - Federal Pain Relief Act

Life Issues in Relation to the Hippocratic Oath - Talk to Annual symposium 2003

Limitations of Counselling

Living wills - comment on BMA proposed guidelines

Looking for Answers. A Christian in Medicine and Law - book review of Tony Cole's book.

Lourdes ... by Jumbulance

Lourdes Medical Association - what are miraculous cures?

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Making decisions - Response to Lord Chancellors report of consultation

Making decisions - Response to governments proposal after consultation

Managing the Finances and Welfare of Incapable Adults - Submission to Scottish Office

Marriage rights for all - comment on same sex unions

Medical Saints

Medical Student's Dilemma:- conscientious objection

Medicine, Morals and the Third Millennium

Meet The Depaul Trust

Memorandum on marriage (Nov 2011)

Mental Capacity Act - A disability perspective

Mental Disorders and Genetics - Letter to Chairman of Working party

Mental disorders and genetics - Submission to Nuffield Council on Bioethics

Medical Ethics - Submission to House of Lords committee on Medical Ethics

Mental Incapacity and Decision-Making - Submission to Law Commission paper 129

Mental Incapacity - Submission to Law Commission paper 231

Mental Incapacity Bill - Submission to government consultation

Mental Incapacity - Who decides? - Submission to Lord Chancellor's consultation

Mifegyne - The pill of Cain

Miraculous cures - Lourdes Medical Association?

Moral Absolutes and the Principle of Double Effect

Morning after pill - Editorial comment

Morning after pill - Submission to Medicine Controls Agency

Morning After pill, How do you avoid prescribing it? - Dr Charles O'Donnell (Aug 2011)

Morning After Pills: How Do They Prevent Pregnancy?

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Nagging Doubts About Brain-death

NaPro Technology - Natural Family Planning and Infertility Treatment.

Natural Fertility Clinic: Progress Report

Neuropathological findings in cases of Persistent Vegetative State

New Germ cells from Old

New Political Morality - Editorial on new political correctness regarding best interests

No Man is an Island: Some Thoughts on Advance Directives

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Obituary - Dr Kenneth Roche

Old age and the economy

On a personal note - the reality of the Church working with HIV / AIDS

Ordered to die: a medical and legal opinion on the Terri Schiavo case.

Organ Donation: A Catholic Perspective

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Papal Allocution - to Catholic Doctors

Patient (Assisted Dying) Bill - text of some speeches from House of Lords

Physician Assisted Suicide: A Licence to Kill - Analysis of 2004 bill

Physician Assisted suicide - a look at the flawed logic of the arguments

Pill Disaster

Pope John Paul II - A reflection by President of FIAMC

Post Abortion Traumatic Grief

Practice of Holistic Medicine

Prayer and Pills: healing in a Christian General Practice

Prayers for the dying

Praying with patients (May 2012)

Profile of Catholic Teacher of Medicine Part 2 - Cardinal Barragan

Pro-life, pro-health, pro-happiness (Nov 2011)

Promise of a Catholic Doctor - A Catholic 'Hippocratic oath'

Promise of Vatican II

Proposed name change of Guild

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Reason opposes euthanasia

Recent developments in human stem cell research in UK - article by moral theologian

Redefining Marriage - Editorial (May 2012)

Reform of the House of Lords - Submission to Royal Commission

Reply to Lord Winston - on Religion and Science

Report on the Faith Communities Liaison Committee meeting

Respect for Life: A Framework for the Future

Right to Privacy - Right to Information

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The Sanctity Of Life, A Meaningful Concept in Modern Medicine

Sex education - letter to Social Exclusion Unit

Sex selection - submission to HFEA consultation

Shamans and Charlatans: A history of the mystery in medicine

Siamese twins - Press release No 1

Siamese twins - Press release No 2

Siamese twins - Press release No 3

Sliding down a slippery slope - Editorial (Nov 2011)

Soul of the Embryo - Book review

Speech of Pope John Paul II on PVS and withdrawal of treatment

Spiritual and religious needs of people with dementia (Nov 2011)

Spiritual Reflection for Catholic in healthcare (Aug 2011)

Sri Lanka after the Tsunami - report of visit to Sri Lanka

State of field of Stem Cell Therapies (May 2012)

Statement on cloning for a press conference in London

Stem cell research - comment on government recommendations

Stem cell research - Submission to House of Lords Select Committee

Suicide crisis - examination of problem and its prevention

Support the GMC

Survey on euthanasia and assisted suicide - doctors views

Symposium Summary - Sheffield 1998 - Transplantation

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Teenage Pregnancies

Terminal sedation

The 'Allowed to die' game

The Corrosion of Human Rights through Misuse (May 2012)

The New Religion

The Politics of Cloning - Speech by Lord David Alton.

Theologians and Doctors

Theologians Argue Frozen Embryos' Fate

Therapeutic cloning - submission to Chief Medical Officers expert working party

Thirst in relation to withdrawal of hydration

Tom's Death - a personal account by a father of his son's death

Towards the dynamism of loving sexuality (Nov 2011)

Transplantation - report on Sheffield Symposium in 1998

Tube Feeding: Medical Treatment or Basic Care? - the problem explained

Tube Feeding - letter to the editor

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Unravelling of Chromosome 21: A Therapeutic Breakthrough?

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Values matter

Visit to Uganda - on the AIDS prevention program in Uganda

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We Thank You, Ma'am

What can I do about Mass when I am on duty? (Nov 2011)

What is Professionalism?

What makes for good palliative care? (Aug 2011)

When Can I Go, Doctor? - Thoughts on Assisted Suicide

Where Has Catholic Medical Ethic Gone?

Where Has the Sanctity of Life Gone?

Who decides? - Submission to Lord Chancellor's consultation

Who decides? - Response to Lord Chancellors report of consultation

Who decides? - Opinion on the Mental Capacity Bill (Aug 2004)

Whose Rights Are They?

Why are Doctors Unhappy?

Why break the great taboo - on the issue of euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Why the clone?

Withdrawing Treatment - submission to BMA working Party

Withholding and Withdrawing Life-prolonging Treatment - Submission to General Medical Council

Withholding or Withdrawing Lifesaving Treatment in Children - Response to Royal College of Paediatrics

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Xenotransplantation, Ethics of,  - response to Dept of Health Advisory Group

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Young doctors refuse to perform abortions

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