Catholic Medical Quarterly Volume 74(2) May 2024

CMQ CoverEditorials

Assisted suicide
A message from Rev Philip Egan, Bishop of Portsmouth

Is the Mona Lisa smiling?
Dr Pravin Thevathasan

News of the CMA, from our CMA newslette February 2024
Dr Mike Delany

 Faith in Medicine

Giancarlo Bertolotti, Servant of God
A whole life spent in favour of the unborn


GMC Clears Catholic doctor investigated for ‘trying to save patient’s life’


Faith in medicine: Caring - A gift from God?
Dr Adrian Treloar

 ‘The Lion Roars Again’
Fr James Mc Tavish

Has modern medicine moved away from me?
Dr Stuart Blackie

A dialogue between Dr Pravin Thevathasan and Francis Etheredge
Questions and Answers on the forthcoming book by Francis Etheredge,
Human Nature: Moral Norm.


Response to ‘Brain death What Catholics should know'
Dr Margaret Sealy

Book Reviews

The Quest for Who We Are?
By Samuel Bendeck Sotillos

The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful
By Joseph Pearce

Bound By truth: Authority, Obediance, tradition and the Common Good
By Peter Kwasniewski