Catholic Medical Quarterly Volume 74(1) February 2024

 CMA Annual Symposium 2024

CMQ CoverThe Ethics of Public Health Medicine and the Common Good
6th-7th April 2024

In This Issue

February 11th. World Day of Sick. And “I met a miracle”
by Adrian Treloar


The Permanency of the Moral Tradition
My Body, My Choice, My Vaccine
Should I call himthey/them

Dr Pravin Thevathasan


SPUC highlights coerced abortion in China at event for MP’s in Westminster

Faith in Medicine

The gift of being a carer
St Catherine Labouré

Dr Adrian Treloar


Menopause - The change of life
Dr Amanda Buadi

I Met a Miracle

The story of Jack Traynor
by Reverend Patrick O’Connor, Missionary of St Columban
To download a pdf version of the article - click here

The Mental Capacity Act

Questions and Answers About the Mental Capacity Act
Between Dr Anthony Cole, Chairman of the Medical Ethics Alliance and Dr John Duddington

Book Reviews

The best ever CTS pamphlet: I met a miracle, the story of Jack Traynor.
By Rev Patrick O’Connor

Credo: A Compendium of Catholic Faith
By Bishop Athanasius Schneider

America's Cultural Revolution
by Christopher F. Rufo

Jesus the Divine Physician (online)
by Fr James McTavish