Catholic Medical Quarterly Volume 73(2) May 2023


CMQ Cover May 2023In the last issue the cover on the CMQ contained the line “St Joseph: Gifts of Euthanasia”
This title was an error of word processing for which we apologise. There are no “gifts of euthanasia” and no link between Euthanasia and St Joseph who is patron Saint of a good death.


Assisted Suicide
by Dr Pravin Thevathasan

“Embrace the Cross, love your Cross: A lesson learnt after 44 years
by Adrian Treloar


The CMA UK symposium 2023- “Ethical questions on AI in Healthcare
by Dr Caroline Zdziarska

When end of life care goes wrong.
The UK Houses of Lords and Common Family and Child Protection Group

Aborted baby remains not treated with respect by BPAS Bournemouth, “damning” CQC inspection finds


Forming the Conscience regarding the Issue of Abortion
Fr James McTavish, FMVD

Contraception and the Prophet Ezekiel: Chemical Hijacking of the moral Decision Chariot
by Fr Patrick Pullicino

“Emergency Contraception” and Rape.
Joseph Shaw


Restorative or Transformative-selected highlights from a talk by Dr Bernard Ars
by Dr Caroline Zdziarska


Submissionfor the Health and Social Care Committee Assisted Suicide Inquiry - January 2023


Doctors Strike: Ethical Considerations

Response to Archbishop Paglia’s commentary on assisted suicide

Book Reviews

The Guest of Night
Lucy Underwood-Healy

As it is in Heaven: Some Christian questions on the Nature of paradise
by Caitlin Smith Gilson

When End of Life Care Goes Wrong
Editor Robert S. Harris

Illness, Pain and Healthcare in Early Christianity
By Helen Rhee

Television Review

Crisis Pregnancy Centres Uncovered BBC Panorama
By Helen Rhee

Prue and Danny’s Death Road Trip Channel 4
By Helen Rhee