Catholic Medical Quarterly Volume 70(3) August 2020

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EditorialJournal Cover

Dr Adrian Treloar

The Preeminent Issue of our Age
Dr Pravin Thevathasan

In Haec Tempora

Coronavirus and Access to Treatment: grave concerns and a call for a public inquiry.

Coronavirus and Access to Treatment: a statement from the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales

Dutch doctors to euthanise dementia patients without explicit consent

Mother of baby with Down’s syndrome suing government over law allowing abortion up to birth for disability

Catholic bishops implore U.S. Food and Drug Administration to develop COVID-19 vaccine “free from any connection to abortion


Mass Production of Human “Embryoid” Cells from Developmentally Frozen Embryos: Is it Ethical?

Coronavirus Reflections

The Chaplain’s Tale
Fr Alan Burgess

A Retired Physician’s Tale
Dr Steve Brennan

A GP’s Tale: Corona and the person
Dr Josephine Venn-Treloar

A Nun’s Tale: Taking it one at a time
Dr Josephine Venn-Treloar


Descartes’ error on the nature of the Human Soul.
Dr Adrian Treloar

Descartes and Transgender?
Dr Adrian Treloar


The Unexplained Infertility Summit
Carolyn Kerr

The Cycle Power Summit 16-20th April 2020

Book Reviews

The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity

Why Humanae Vitae is Still Right.

Dismantling Freud: Fake Therapy and the Psychoanalytic Worldview

Pure Power. A Spiritual Workout to Help you Break free from Sexual Sin or Avoid It in the First Place


Modern Slavery and Covid
Dr Anthony Cole