Catholic Medical Quarterly Volume 70(3) August 2020

The Unexplained Infertility Summit

Summit logoThis was a three day summit starting on 25.05 2020 .

After the Fertility Summit in April, Anna Saucier, main organiser, and Melissa Buchan had received some very positive feedback. They had decided to follow on with a second summit next year, but thanks to the encouraging response, a decision was made to put on a shorter second summit now, this time on Unexplained Infertility. (The un is crossed off on the web site logo as above).

The format was the same, with free registration, and information about the presentations sent out in advance. Access to the summit was given each day, and an opportunity to order the talks via pod-cast was available.

I watched 3-4 presentations each day, (from a choice of 8 -9 talks) and the first day started with, Explaining unexplained infertility. .... Charting, a powerful diagnostic map. ..... Silent effects of different factors on menstrual cycle and fertility... A personal journey through unexplained infertility..... Assisted Reproductive Technology vs Restorative Reproductive Technology, explain­ing the diagnostic tests, treatments and outcomes of both.....What is Restorative Reproductive Medicine. .... How to improve egg quality.

A doctor with experience working in IVF, talked about his background training (Animal sciences degree, worked with IVF in animals before he moved on to human reproduction). He explained why he now believes Restorative Reproductive Medicine is the best approach to the infertility problem. Later that day he also gave an informative and clear presentation on the Effectiveness of IVF v RRM. Legal and Ethical issues were also explained.

On day 2 there were excellent talks on ‘The NaPro Technology Approach to unexplained Infertility’....The link between Digestion and Fertility, .. navigating PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) and unexplained infertility...Environmental toxins affecting Fertility Health........ The way we think matters ..... Importance of Progesterone .... Recurrent pregnancy loss .... Navigating PCOS and unexplained infertility .... Overcoming infertility with Lifestyle change.

Dr Phil Boyle presented on The truth about Ovarian Reserve and Anti-Mulllerian

Day 3 covered Insulin Resistance affecting infertility, .... Undetected viruses that affect infertility. Virus are difficult to detect in the body , but may play a part in increasing the immune response and thus risk rejection of the fertilised ova .... Epigenetic approach to fertility, particularly in pre-conceptual care.

This is not a full list of the topics covered, but gives an impression of the breadth and quality of the presentations. The speakers were clear, knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their subject. I believe the summit would be of interest to women / couples trying to achieve a pregnancy, and of particular interest to doctors, nurses, midwives and healthcare personnel. The speakers gave website details for future contact.

Anyone who would like to register interest for future events may do so via.