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Catholic Medical Quarterly Volume 62(2) May 2012, 46


Saying Yes, Saying No - CMA Conference in London

Photo collageFebruary saw an excellent weekend conference attended by over 70 doctors nurses and other health care workers, in Our Lady of the Rosary Parish, Blackfen.

One of the great challenges for health care workers, is not so much knowing what is right or wrong, but working out how to say that and to keep your job.



How do you

Dr O'DonnellCareful negotiation, a well set out understanding of the issues as well as an understanding of the law around conscience etc. are central. This was an optimistic weekend with lots of hope for many younger (and older) doctors and nurses. It reminded me of the work of the CMA. Supporting Catholic health care workers, defending them and also helping to protect their patients. There is much for us to do and great hope. We are hoping that we will be able to run this course elsewhere in the country as part of the on-going education work of the CMA.