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Catholic Medical Quarterly Volume 61(4) November 2011, p3

In this issue
CMQ is back online

Website screen imageWe are delighted to say that the CMQ is back on line. A number of correspondents noticed that with the redevelopment of the CMA website the CMQ archive and resource had had to be taken down. As well as that we had several requests that the last CMQ be put online, a recognition of the very positive feedback that we have had about the journal. is free to view and will contain all the past issues of the CMQ as far as we can obtain the original articles.
Consequently,  we require from our readers and others high quality scientific and other articles that will help to support and build all Catholics in healthcare as well a to build the culture of life within healthcare.
We have had to return again to the theme of abortion in this issue of the quarterly, even though we covered it last time. That’s because the Royal College of Psychiatrists issued a major consultation on the psychological effects of abortion and the CMA(UK) worked with key partners in the UK to provide a robust critique of the consultation document. The response itself, running to well over 10,000 words is too long for the journal itself and is therefore available “online extra” though the website.
Finally, it needs to be noted that the selection for book reviews for this issue was not decided by the editor!