This article appears in the Feb 2006 edition of the Catholic Medical Quarterly

In this Issue

We are grateful to Dr. David Albert Jones for his second article on the Hippocratic Oath. In his previous article in August 2003 based on a paper, delivered at the Annual Symposium in Brighton in that year, in which he argued that the Oath ‘was an ethically acute and thoughtful document’ which has rightly been esteemed through many periods of history. His present article outlines some of the many attempts to modernise the oath for use in contemporary medicine.

Professor Joel Brind from the department of Natural Sciences at the City University of NewYork presents a critical review of recent studies on induced abortion as an independent risk factor for breast cancer. His work has aroused considerable attention; and he recently delivered a paper on it to the Midland's Branch of the Guild.

Dr. Michael Straiton presents a fascinating review of the teachings of other religions regarding euthanasia.

Anthony Porter discusses the ‘Allowed to Die Game’ which he considers as a psychological game because of its double meaning.

Editorial addition - Dr John Morewood

It is with deep regret that we report the sudden death of John Morewood on 30th December. His tireless work for the Guild, both in Nottingham and as the national secretary, is deeply appreciated by us all. His requiem took place at St. Barnabas' Cathedral in Nottingham on 7th January. We offer our deepest condolences to Gillian and his family.