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Father Terry Phipps: An Inspirational Chaplain

We all knew that, when Father Terry Phipps was appointed Parish Priest at St. James Spanish Place, he would be unable to continue as our chaplain. The parish is one of the most important in London. Although we were delighted with his preferment, it was evident that he could no longer divide his time between the parish and the Guild. So a long and happy association has ended. Father Terry succeeded Father Wroe so many years ago that he came to symbolise the Guild. No symposium banquet would be complete without either his rendering of some ancient Celtic love song or a series of inimitable imitations and rib-tickling stories. Following the banquet, he would always be found drinking with the old veterans and the new recruits until the early hours. Mass was always celebrated the following morning in his usual style.

With his other hat on Terry became the Guild�s Ecclesiastical Adviser to the Hierarchy following the resignation of Bishop Harvey. He visited every branch of the Guild to conduct a morning of recollection or debate a current bioethical problem. During his time these problems seemed to peak. He also represented us at innumerable international gatherings and always came away with an even greater fan club.

Fortunately this is not an obituary though it begins to look like one as we list his attainments. During his time Terry fashioned the Guild with a sense of humour, was always ready and able with great panache to direct the discussions back from where it had strayed. We are all greatly indebted to him and wish him well in his new appointment. He is not lost to us for he remains our Ecclesiastical Adviser; his path and those of many members continue to coincide.

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