CMQ August 1996


  1. Healthcare Rationing is Inevitable but How Should it Be Done?
  2. Healers, Wheelers, Or Dealers - What is Our Mission in The World?
  3. Medicine Today and Our Image of Man - 8th. European Congress of FEAMC
  4. The Christian Practice - A Myth? - Ray King
  5. Genetic Diagnosis in the First Week of Gestation - Michael Moore
  6. Resource Allocation: The Option for the Poor - J.A.J. Stevens
  7. Learning the Art & Practice of Healing - Clare Walker
  8. Medical Events in Lourdes - Michael Kenworthy-Browne
  9. Old Frog Opines
  10. General Practice and "The Morning after Pill" - Adrian Treloar
  11. Consent in The Criminal Law. Submission to The Law Commission in Reply to Consultation Paper No. 139
  12. Tadpole Observes
  13. Obituary
  14. Letter to Chairman of Joint Ethico-Medical Committee
  15. Book Reviews