Catholic Medical Quarterly Volume 73(1) February 2023


The Assistant Editor’s wife

It has been said that “Behind every great man is an astonished woman”. I have been assisting the editing of the CMQ for the last 10 years. Clearly, I was never great in the first place; and my wife Josephine was never really astonished at what I did. But she did truly appreciate and support the work that went into it. She willingly gave of her time to support me in doing the work of setting out and producing material for this journal. Many of you have been very appreciative of what I (along with the Editor Pravin Thevasathan) have done. A much smaller number have not liked it, but we hope that in doing what we have done, we have supported vulnerable people, and provided a place where Church teaching can be discussed and explored as it applies to healthcare. We further hope that in doing so we have enabled hope and better medical care for many. What Pravin and I have done was substantially down to the support and encouragement my wife has given to me.

Of course, editing the CMQ is far from the work of a great man, so my wife never really needed to be astonished at what got produced. But much has now changed.

Very sadly, my wife Josephine very suddenly became very critically ill at the end of October. She remains extremely disabled and unwell. This edition will be out later, and smaller than usual. It is being assembled between visits on my newly established three-hour daily commute to and from my wife’s bedside.

The CMQ has been being published since 1923. Fully 100 years. But that may not necessarily continue. Putting this journal together is substantial task. We need papers, and articles etc that truly build that synthesis of faith and excellent scientific medicine which the CMQ has always championed.

Please therefore help us, by submitting articles and material for us to publish. Please also pray for Josephine’s recovery. She needs those prayers very much.