Catholic Medical Quarterly Volume 72 (4) November 2022

In This Issue

As well as a few things about our hundredth birthday, (just to tempt you really) we have had to cover conscience, abortion pill reversal and other real ethical issues of our day. That's nothing new:- if you look at the archive of the last 100 years of the Catholic Medical Quarterlies you will see that   clearly. But with reviews of policy on conscience at both the World Medical Associa-tion and the General Medical Council, the Catholic Medical Association is needed and has not been silent.

Read also  Edward Hopkins  article entitled "Honour the Physician: Healing in the Bible. The book of Sirach is our friend. As well as an excellent article on Life, and scientific indications for God by Dr Peter Williams. And as an article by Pia Matthews called taking death seriously. It is a summary of what she said at our annual conference last year. We also have a bumper crop of letters and book reviews. The case of Archie Battersbee really does seem to have touched a lot of our readers. Concerns over Brain Stem Death criteria and a rush to withdraw treatment seem to sum up the key concerns.   Please do consider sending us material of your own if you are able to.