Catholic Medical Quarterly Volume 72 (4) November 2022

Book review

Ego Eimi.  It Is I: Falling in Eucharistic Love
by Fr Armand de Malleray FSSP.
Sophia Institute Press

Reviewed by Pravin Thevathasan

Book CoverThis proved to be a beautiful resource for those who desire a greater love of the Eucharistic Jesus. The author is a priest of the Fraternity of Saint Peter and as such the book is of particular value to those who attend the Traditional Latin Mass. However, I believe it could be read with profit by all. There is nothing stopping those attending the New Rite to say the "Judica me" at the start of Mass and the prayer to St Michael at the end. 

While emphasis is given to the act of consecration when bread and wine are changed into the Body and Blood of Christ, the whole liturgy is examined. The importance of this book is brought to mind when we reflect on the number of Catholics who have stopped believing in the Real Presence. 

The author has a real gift for communicating complex matters using simple language. He explains what transubstantiation and concomitance mean, for example. He also explains elements of the liturgy. For example, why the Church inserted the "Judica me" into the Roman rite. I was especially impressed by the way in which the author discusses the role of Mary at Mass. After all, Mary is the best example of a creature who said yes to God. And the Mass is our means of uniting our will with God's will. 

As I read this work, I could not help but reflect on the Masses I have attended. It has been my privilege to attend many good liturgies. Unfortunately, I have attended some bad ones. Doubtless, the priest in the latter case had attended some workshop telling him to make the liturgy more relevant and meaningful.

Having read this book, I am convinced that the Eucharist, the Mystery of Faith, cannot be reduced in this way. 

"It is I." The centre of the liturgy is not us. It is Jesus Christ. And that is what the author draws out so convincingly