Catholic Medical Quarterly Volume 72 (3) August 2022

In this issue

We wanted to talk positively about Down’s syndrome in this issue.  Our editor works as a consultant Learning Disability Psychiatrist and our Assistant Editor had a brother with Down’s syndrome. That is among the greatest gifts of his life. So we are both, very much, people who see the value, worth, dignity and beauty of people with Down’s syndrome and also many other similar disabilities. We have much to learn from them. As well as the story of “My Brother”, read about Prof Lejeune and the child who showed the gifts that Adolf Hitler did not have.

De Gaulles DaughterRead about General de Gaulle’s daughter Anne.De Gaulles daughter 2

Not particularly by intention there is a lot about abortion just now. Coerced abortion and the ease with which coercion can be done using tele-abortion methods.


Read also about Brain Stem death,
Archie Battersbee
and the Spirituality of Healthcare.
And do please read about Loneliness, and how it can (and does) lead to Euthanasia.

We hope there is plenty that you like