Catholic Medical Quarterly Volume 71(2) May 2021


Youth Branch:
Dealing with uncertainty. A spiritual reflection of health care workers

 On 13th March 2021, we were very blessed to have an afternoon of spiritual reflections led by Fr Tom Lynch, a parish priest in Kent. This afternoon via zoom was in place of the annual retreat which usually takes place at the Rosary Shrine in London.

The afternoon was a combination of short reflections led by Fr Tom, time for personal prayer, small group discussions and larger group questions at the end.

Fr Tom beautifully reflected on the theme of ‘dealing with uncertainty’ with two talks. The first on ‘fear’ and how to overcome it in Christ, the second talk was on ‘rest’. Both these talks provided much food for thought and sparked lively and thoughtful discussion in the zoom break out rooms.

Both of these fantastic talks are now available on the Catholic Medical Association UK’s YouTube channel and are approximately 25 minutes long each.

Feedback, thank God, has been overwhelmingly positive regarding the spiritual nourishment provided by the event but also the ability to meet other like-minded healthcare professionals and share experiences of faith and work. One young doctor who had never been to a CMA event before wrote ‘it’s good to know you’re not alone’. This community aspect of the event is something we hope to build upon in the future.

Our sincere thanks go to Fr Tom Lynch for his time and wise words, the CMA for sponsoring the event and for all those who attended and prayed for the event for making it the enjoyable time it was. Deo Gratias.