Catholic Medical Quarterly Volume 71(1) February 2021

The Dangers of RSE (Relationships and Sex Education)

The author of this article is a father and a grandfather.

A compulsory Relationships and Sex Education curriculum (RSE) that emphasises the Lesbian, Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) narrative becomes law in April 2021 for England and 2022 for Wales.

Firstly, parents need to understand how our nation and to some extent Church institutions came to endorse the LGBT narrative [1] when those who identify as LGBT represent less than 5-6% of the population of the UK, USA and Western Europe [2, 3]. Yet, this minority has the power to change statutory legislation. Secondly, why are the rights of parents to protect the innocence of their young children curtailed, and made subservient to the imposition of LGBT RSE? [1]. Thirdly, we need to examine how the publications already in use in schools distress children.

This is not homophobia or discrimination against LGBT individuals per se. To accept the person is commendable, but not, therefore, to condone their behaviour. This is about the protection of children against ‘disordered behaviours’ that are contrary to both the law of God and nature. It is totally unacceptable for young children to be exposed to the unnatural lifestyles, practised by the LGBT community. Lifestyles that cause sexually transmitted diseases, and encourage artificial insemination, in vitro fertilisation and surrogacy.

It is hard to imagine anything more confusing and heinous to inflict on young, vulnerable, trusting and innocent minds. LGBT undermines all human dignity, real marriage and the family.

RSE is based on the perceived need to normalize LGBT. It did not happen overnight. Well planned and organized activists, over many decades, used intimidation to enable a cultural shift in society to accept LGBT behaviour as normal [4]. Every institution in the Western World, including the Catholic Church, has been infiltrated [5]. Supermarkets, banks, university campuses and most institutions are proud to support LGBT in their policies and prospectuses. The manipulation of ‘relativism,’ ’political correctness,’ ‘tolerance’, ‘diversity’, ‘equality’, and ‘inclusion’ has enforced changes in the Law, using ‘human rights’ and ‘discrimination’ legislation.

Unfortunately, this is all one way. Anyone of faith, or of no faith, who dares to disagree with this ideology, especially regarding their children, is immediately ‘cancelled’ and vilified as ‘homophobic’.

Only 2.4% of the UK population identified as LGBT in 2018[2]. In 2016 in the USA, it was 4.1% [3]. The figures increase each year because the LGBT propaganda machine spends millions of dollars to achieve this.

There is no single LGBT gene. Recent research shows that there is a complex genetic structure.

The research revealed “five loci significantly associated with same-sex sexual behavior. In aggregate, all tested genetic variants accounted for 8 to 25% of variation in same-sex sexual behavior.” So several genes may account for a minority of sexual behaviour. So the evidence neither proves nor disproves that a person is born to be LGBT [6]. In any case, it is the person’s chosen actions and those of people around them which most matter morally.

The LGBT narrative distorts love, truth, beauty and goodness. Virtues that cannot be bought or packaged! Children will not be allowed to ascend to these virtues whilst the state has control, and employs proselytising LGBT teachers and their sympathisers in schools.

The following evidence shows the disturbing reaction of young children, some as young as four, who have already been exposed to RSE in various schools.

In 2018/19 the mostly Muslim parents of children at Parkfield Community School in Saltley, Birmingham objected to the use of a programme, entitled ‘No Outsiders”, authored by self-identified homosexual Andrew Moffat MBE, the Assistant Head Teacher.

In his introduction to the 87-page coursebook he declares that children must be told that "to be a person who is gay or lesbian or transgender or bi-sexual is normal, acceptable and ok."

Shelly Charlesworth, a former BBC news journalist, is a mother of two children and grand-mother of five children. She gives an in-depth analysis of the No Outsiders programme [7].

From this article we can see the reaction of two parents to their children’s questions.

“Quoted in the Birmingham Mail in February Mariam Ahmed, who has two children at the school, said: ‘My little girl is four, she’s in reception and she came home asking me if it’s ok to be a boy instead of a girl, and has dressed up in her brother’s clothes. She is four years old.’ Another parent, Fatima Shah, mother of two who has been prominent in the campaign said of her 10-year-old daughter: ‘My child came home and told me am I OK to be a boy?’’

The families objecting were subject to ridicule and abuse from the media, and officials of the school, as they tried to extricate their children from this harmful influence [7].

This programme is in use in 11 Catholic Primary Schools in the Liverpool Archdiocese [8].

Again, here are some comments from parents taken directly from the article:

Another parent said her daughter started calling her "Mommy" instead of "Mummy" after the school introduced the textbook ‘Mommy, Mama and Me’, normalizing lesbian relationships and gay adoption by depicting "the gentle, nurturing relationship of a lesbian couple and their little one."
Evangelical Christian parents Dave Bratt and Monica Rincon-Plata told Church Militant [8] that their three children were left traumatized after being exposed to the "Spongebob Squarepants" cartoons at Evelyn Street Community Primary School, Warrington, a non-Catholic school geographically within Liverpool archdiocese. "This cartoon character is apparently an LGBT community (gay men's) heroic icon", the parents wrote in a letter of complaint to headteacher Mrs. J. Hindley.
All three children objected to being forced to par-ticipate in the sessions. "Given that the program-ming contains cross-dressing, LGBT parenting and other aspects that we have withdrawn our children from, is it anything other than 'grooming' which tramples upon parental wishes and principles of safeguarding?" Bratt and Rincon-Plata asked in their complaint.
Saint John Fisher School even publicizes the fact that its children have been focusing on a book called ‘And Tango Makes Three’ [9]— the story of two male penguins who start a same-sex family and successfully hatch baby Tango from a mother-less penguin egg” [8].

The ‘Let Kids Be Kids Coalition’ is pursuing a Judicial Review challenging the RSE legislation under human rights law that guarantees parents the right to educate their children in ‘conformity with their own religious and philosophical convictions’ [1].

As parents and grandparents, we all need to be able to confront the lies of RSE with Truth. This law will undoubtedly be enforced and stay for many years. The only protection, therefore, will be at home from loving Mums and Dads. With a full knowledge of Truth, with reason, argument, love and with the Grace of God this can be achieved.


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