Catholic Medical Quarterly Volume 69(2) May 2019

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  • Assisted Suicide and the Royal College of Physicians: The profession has not moved on this issue, so neither should the College
  • World Medical Association to debate ending its opposition to euthanasia

Faith in Medicine

  • The family: building the civilisation of love
    Dr Adrian Treloar


  • Offering a second chance: Abortion pill reversal
    Dr Dermot Kearney
  • Would you refuse a dying man water? Concerns about the working of the Mental Capacity Act
    Dr Adrian Treloar & Dr Anthony Cole
  • Double effect & ectopic pregnancy - some problems
    Michal Pruski


  • Welcoming a child with Edwards Syndrome
    Dr Dermot Kearney
  • Welcoming a child after pre-natal diagnosis of a serious or life-limiting condition
    Dr Josephine Treloar
  • Welcoming a child with Patau’s Syndrome
    Claudia Linton
  • Welcoming a child with anencephaly
  • Remembrance Day
    Guy Curtis


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The Annual Conference of the Catholic Medical Association, Hull

Consecration to the Sacred Heart of FIAMC Members

Inaugral branch meeting of CMA in Durham

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