Catholic Medical Quarterly Volume 68(1) February 2018

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Adorable baby with Down's syndrome
fronts yoghurt campaign.
Her mother hopes it will challenge misconceptions.

Yoghurt advertA beautiful little girl with Down's syndrome has been gracing yoghurt pots across Ireland.

Abby Dillon has just been revealed as one of four faces of Glenisk's Organic No-Added-Sugar Baby Yoghurts. She was one of the 14 finalists chosen from 4,500 entries into Glenisk’s #SweetBaby search competition.

Mum Anne, from County Cork, told the Irish Independent how proud and excited she is. "It’s so important for us because there are so many misconceptions and old-fashioned stereotypes about people with Down Syndrome. I think visibility in the media is the first step towards awareness, breaking down those stereotypes, and ultimately acceptance."

More alike than different

She also spoke about what it was like having a baby with the condition. "When Abby was born it was a scary time for us because we didn’t know any other babies with Down Syndrome. "If we knew then what we knew now it wouldn’t have been as scary. People should understand that people with Down Syndrome are more alike than they are different."

Emma Walls, Director of Glenisk, said that Abby was a natural on set. Ms Walls said: "She was great fun to photograph with limitless energy and smiles and her pictures are simply beautiful. She was a natural at the shoot so we chose her to feature on our natural flavour; we are honoured to have her feature on Glenisk packs."

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