Catholic Medical Quarterly Volume 67(2) May 2017

The Vocation of a Doctor by St Jose-Maria Escriva.

St Jose-Maria Escriva

The following question was asked by a surgeon to St Jose Maria Escriva


Father. I am a surgeon and I have 10 children. Some days our work leaves us no time for anything else. What can we do to keep sanctifying ourselves and to manage our homes?

Mgr Escriva replied

When you are looking after your patients, what is that if it is not an almost priestly ministry? You are almost like a priest. You have the soul of a priest. As well as the sicknesses of the body, you are healing those of the soul. Just by the way you look at them and treat them just with a timely word, an affectionate smile

EucharistGod bless you, my son, because you don’t have enough time. I don’t either! We who are short of time are the ones who always find time to dedicate to our souls. Plus, from morning to night and night to morning you are with God. Keep going, you’re doing well.

But…. As well as a radiator, there also has to be a boiler. So on top of everything else, make a little time to spend talking to God about your concerns.

That’s the boiler that will send heat through the radiators, every moment of your life.


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