Catholic Medical Quarterly Volume 67(2) May 2017

Book Review

The Flesh Made Word: a new reason to be against abortion.

Daniel  Moody,
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, (5 April 2016)
ISBN-13: 978-1530726530

Book CoverPhilosopher Daniel Moody points out something that used to be obvious: sex is a scientific reality - moreover, that ‘gender’ is no longer about female equality, or troubled individuals who ‘change to the opposite sex’; biological sex cannot be changed, whereas ‘gender’ is a moveable feast. Originating with feminism’s critique of sexual stereotypes, it now means sexual identity chosen from an ever-lengthening list, changed, or abandoned - for people cannot change their sex, but they can change their minds.

No longer in the eye of the beholder, ‘gender’ exists solely in the mind of the gendered; despite this, increasingly, society must rely not on its senses but on a lie, on pain of being castigated as ‘transphobic’. However, the ‘T’ in LGBT not only undermines the sexual orientation campaign but also feminism, because if males can be females and vice versa, “everybody can oppress everybody”; feminists must become personists, although not all are happy about it.

Moody observes: “Our existence is now dependent on our actions. We are the HUMAN doing, not the human being.” And although being defined by our actions was supposed to deliver sexual freedom, instead, human persons have been eliminated in law, for as Nietzsche remarked: “There is no doer behind the deed.”

An object can exist without a name, not vice versa; but although “reality comes before language”, words have the power to convince us that something is something else. Language is an interpreter that can ‘speak both reality and human’, but even if we change the meaning of a word, we cannot change the nature of the thing that it describes; despite this, although an object exists in reality, it may no longer exist in law.

In thrall to transgenderism, political activists who have lost the ideas war against capitalism, unable to nationalize the economy, aspire to nationalize ‘human doings’ instead - and the most enthusiastic of cultural Marxists are the industrialists who have found a cheap and easy way of ‘virtue signaling’ by supporting ‘gender equality’ while ignoring economic injustice.

As Moody notes, marriage, “the cradle we form from our bodies so that our future children might have somewhere safe to sleep if and when they arrive” can only exist between one man and one woman, uniting the two halves of the human race; but ‘sex’ now means something we do, not something we are, facilitating gender ideology’s destruction of human solidarity – traditionally constructed out of two bonded, biological sexes - in favour of a multiplicity of sexual preferences elevated to the status of ‘identities’.

‘Gender choice’, with all its horrible consequences for those who exercise it, is just another negative choice, like the right to die, and the right to ‘have sex’, all modeled on the ‘right to choose’ abortion. Consequently it is no coincidence that these death-dealing choices fulfill the aims of population control. Abortion laws constitute “a legal declaration that some people are not people”, and enshrining in law the artificial concept of ‘transgenderism’ legally eliminates human bodies – the “abolition of Man”. When the unborn baby no longer exists in law, he or she can be eliminated in reality, but transgenderism has also abolished gender, for if gender means nothing, why change to something equally meaningless? More seriously, it may yet lend legitimacy to paedophilia as just another ‘identity’.

The gender battle is a battle for the future of humankind, and this work should at the very least help us return to correct terminology - reclaiming ‘sex’ to mean biological maleness and femaleness - while consigning ‘gender theory’ to the dustbin of dangerous historical grotesqueries, where it belongs.

Reviewed by Ann Farmer