Catholic Medical Quarterly Volume 67(2) May 2017

Natural  Family Planning:
an introduction and a call for  more trainers.

Dr Adrian Treloar

As well as being effective and reliable, Natural Family Planning is associated with good communication within marriage, low divorce rates and many more positive outcomes. The meeting organised by the new Evangelisation Committee in Westminster last January was a great success. Many young doctors and nurses were there.

As well as the good news shared, there is a real need for more Natural Family Planning Teachers. There are several ways to learn. The National Association of Natural Family Planning Teachers offers courses in London and elsewhere, as well as online learning and training. Billings also offer courses. The message of NFP needs to get out to more people. It is evidence based, scientific and reliable. That is accepted by the Royal College of Gynaecologists Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health.

But we need more teachers. Do please consider training as a teacher. Student years may be a good time to do this;- and once trained you are trained for life. If you think you might be able to train, please email and we will put you in touch with the NFP training organisations.