Catholic Medical Quarterly Volume 67(1) February 2017


CMA Way of Mercy for Catholics in Healthcare

The Way of Mercy at Westminster Cathedral was a great success! The afternoon began in the nearby Hinsley Room with an insightful talk by one of the artists involved in creating the Way of Mercy.

I was amazed at how much depth of meaning there was in each piece of art and how almost every little detail had a special significance. One piece, for instance, was about the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. It was good to hear about these and reflect on which of these works God is especially calling each one of us to grow in. At times the talk was like a class in iconography, a most welcome change from the medical textbooks. It took place at Westminster Cathedral and involved walking around the Cathedral meditating upon various pieces of religious art on the theme of Mercy, in a similar fashion to praying the Stations of the Cross.

We then walked from the Hinsley Room to the Cathedral where two separate groups of about 50 people each were led along the Way of Mercy by Fr John O’Leary, the Chaplain to the CMA; and Fr Paul Diaper. I always feel moved when we pray together as a group. Being in the stunning setting of the Cathedral, praying together and look­ing at all the beautiful artwork helped make reflecting on our vocation as Christians to be merciful like God the Father, much easier. It was also great that many passers-by decided to join us and pray the Way with us. Afterwards we went to Brown’s restaurant nearby and continued the conversations. All in all it was a great afternoon and wonderful to be together.