Catholic Medical Quarterly Volume 67(1) February 2017


Beginning of Life Conference: Brief Report

Donato Tallo, Registered Nurse

Lecture 1On Saturday 22nd October at Newman House on Gower Street, London, where the Catholic Chaplaincy for Central London Universities is located, a fantastic afternoon conference for juniors and students of the healthcare professions took place. Newman House provided a very good venue for the event and it was encouraging to hear that in this academic year the catholic chaplaincy based there is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Over seventy juniors and students of the healthcare professions attended the conference that focused on issues concerning the beginning of life and it was fantastic to be able to listen to an interesting range of very engaging, emotive and motivational speakers.

The first speaker Fr Stephen Wang, Catholic Chaplain to the London universities spoke about the vision of St John Paul II's Evangelium Vitae which he made relevant in a beautiful manner to those of us who work within health­care environments.

Lecture 2Following Fr Wang a motivational talk by Drs Adrian and Josephine Treloar focused on the need to love and be compassionate to all and helped to remind all of us of our duty to see Christ in others as well as the importance of strong family values.

A young midwife spoke very personally about the value of human life and the privileges and challenges of being a midwife in the modern day and at the end of the afternoon Dr Mike Delany spoke about the importance of individuals working in healthcare staying true to their beliefs and convictions while at the same time being lawful, respectful and compassionate to others. This in particular was very interesting as well as highly informative.

Some delicious home-made cakes were enjoyed by those in attendance during the break and the end of the day culminated with pizza and drinks over many varied and interesting conversations.