Catholic Medical Quarterly Volume 65(2) May 2015


Remembering the Holocaust

Dr KatmeAs I write, on Holocaust Memorial Day, it is worth reminding ourselves that mass slaughter has continued around the world since those dark days of the Nazis. “Never again” has turned into, “Well, OK, maybe only sometimes...”

It is a basic tenet of Islam that killing one person unjustly is like killing the whole of humankind. And yet, not only are Muslims killing other human beings but they are also the victims of those who we recognise to be fellow “People of the Book”, the Jews and Christians. This is particularly so in occupied Palestine, where a self-declared “Jewish State” is killing, oppressing and imprisoning Palestinian Muslims and Christians, usually with the full, unqualified support of supposedly Christian states in the West. This undeclared holocaust needs to be discussed and brought to an end, just as the Nazi Holocaust was 70 years ago.

There is also a silent and quite legal holocaust of unborn children all over the world. In Britain alone, 600 innocent, unborn children are killed every day through abortion. That’s 200,000 every year; more than 8 million since the Abortion Act of 1967 came into force, much more than the number of Jews murdered by the Nazis. Is this the act of a civilised society? Why is nobody talking about this major Holocaust of our babies?

Dr Majid Katme,
Islamic Medical Association
London N13