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Management of second trimester septic spontaneous miscarriage

Over four consecutive issues of the CMQ there have been articles and letters debating the issue of the ethics of the treatment of the life-threatening complication of severe second trimester septic abortion.

For ease of navigating through this debate, all the articles and letters are here in chronological order.


November 2013 Statement by MaterCare on the Management of Second Trimester Septic Spontaneous Miscarriage
February 2014 Article by Anthony McCarthy, arguing that the MaterCare's statement is contrary to the principles of the sanctity of life
May 2014 Four letters in support of MaterCare with a response by Anthony McCarthy.
     Dr James W Gerrard
     Dr Michael Jarmulowicz
     Dr Ian Jessiman
     Dr Sean O Domhnaill
    and response from Anthony McCarthy
August 2014 Three further letters adding to this complex area of ethics
    Prof David Albert Jones
    Dr Michael Jarmulowicz
    Dr Adrian Treloar
November 2014 An article reporting
     the findings of the Inquest
     and further reply from Anthony McCarthy
February 2015 One further letter
      by Dr Michael Jarmulowicz