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Catholic Medical Quarterly Volume 63(4) November 2013

In this issue

The review of the Liverpool Care Pathway by Baroness Neuberger produced an extraordinary outcome. The terms of reference of the review stated that the review would restore confidence in the LCP. And yet the outcome was that it should be withdrawn. This has delighted many, but is regretted by others who did not see the dangers and problems of the LCP in the same way. This issue is bound therefore to reflect upon the LCP. In terms of the future we hope that the advice form the Medical Ethics Alliance will go some way towards setting out what is needed for good palliative care.

When Pope John Paul II died,. Banners in St Peters Square stated “Santa subito”. In like manner, we have decided to omit an obituary for Mr John Kelly who died recently, and to put his obituary in as a Great Medical Life. We truly believe this is justified, as he worked right up into his 80’s in Africa and was an extraordinary defender of Catholic principles in Obstetrics and Gynaecology throughout his life. The article by him on Helma was already accepted for publication in this issue, but it does set out a picture of his work. It often feels asif Heaven’s gain is our loss, but we feel confident that a great man (and the Master of the Birmingham branch of the CMA) has gone “up there” to a well deserved reward.
John lived according to his conscience. We therefore also commend you to the articles about conscience, and ethical theories.