Catholic Medical Quarterly

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Catholic Medical Quarterly Volume 63(2) May 2013


The personal journey of Alison Davies and the reasons why she opposes Euthanasia is a must read for all who and concerned with patients, medicine and good care.

We had a lot of very positive feedback about our November issue which focussed upon Humanae Vitae, as well as some which struggles with the issues that Humanae Vitae raised. We publish these in this issue, along with an article setting out some of the failures of Public Health strategies on pregnancy.

As well as that we mark the abdication of Pope Benedict and welcome his succession by Pope Francis.  The CMA works internationally and so we are pleased to have a report from a meeting with Chinese doctors.  And in the Easter season we explore the physics of the resurrection.

Natural Law is central to our understanding of medical ethics. Michael Schutzer-Weissmann has produced a masterly article discussing its basis and its validity. And at the time when we must all worry about dreadful reports of bad care in acute wards, perhaps we should all debate how we can teach compassion.