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Catholic Medical Quarterly Volume 63(3) August 2013

In this issue

You will see the (printed version of the) CMQ is in a new format this month. We are even more pleased to say that the new format is cheaper than the last and saves the CMA money. We hope you like it. Comments and feedback are always welcome.

The threat of imperialism in population control is very real, with big money and vested interests wanting to reduce world population, despite the (very well received) evidence in our February issue from Dr Pollard of impending population collapses. We contrast this with the Catholic response to the old Imperialism of Nazi Germany and other places where the vulnerable have been so at risk. You will find this in the book review towards the back of this journal.

As well as that we are very pleased to give some real and concrete advice in Rape in A+E and to open discussions on ethics of Mitochondrial transplantation.

Finally we are hugely grateful to the many people who give support to our journal. Much of that is given by members, but we would remind those who are not members that the work of this journal relies upon members of the CMA and donations. There is a donation button on the CMA website and we do welcome your support.