Catholic Medical Quarterly

The Journal of the Catholic Medical Association (UK)

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Catholic Medical Quarterly Volume 62(4) November 2012


Kane Gorny


The tragic death of Kane Gorny has disturbing parallels with the similar killing of Tony Bland some twenty years ago. Both had been previously healthy young men aged 22. Both had entered well-known and seemingly trustworthy hospitals suffering from brain disorders, namely a tumour in the case of Gorny and injuries in the case of Bland.

Both were sedated, starved and dehydrated, leading to their dying in mysterious and questionable circumstances. Although neither was actually terminally ill, both were denied help from other sources. And they were guarded by security personnel, as if they were young criminals.

Both became victims of a system that reduces dying to dogma and ritual. This predictably resulted in great distress for their families and friends and, indeed, some of the nurses caring for them. It appears that hospitals can now act as judge, jury and executioner, criminalising vulnerable young men and sentencing them to death.


Antony Porter,
London, W9