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Book Review

Summa Philosophica

Peter Kreeft
St Augustine's Press
ISBN 978-1-58731-825-2

Book CoverPeter Kreeft has written a superb work on the basic questions in philosophy. In order to give clarity, he uses a Thomistic approach to asking questions. Each article has a question.For exampe, whether it is ever right to kill ? The main objections are then addressed. Kreeft then makes his response and gives reasons for his stated position. He then ends by replying to the objections.

The work is divided into the various branches of philosophy including metaphysics and ethics. Under philosophical anthropology, we have the following examples : whether all human beings are persons,whether all persons are intrinsically valuable and whether there is free will in man.
Under general ethics we have : whether moral laws are objectively real, whether there are any universal exceptionless norms and whether there is natural law.

Under applied ethics, we have : whether it is ever right to lie and whether sex is sacred and not to be adulterated.

Peter Kreeft has a well deserved reputation for introducing complex philosophical propositions in an ordered and entertaining manner for the benefit of the non-specialist. Once again he has written with wonderful clarity.